About me and this blog!


My name is Thea Røsten Rønning and I am turning 17 years old this year. I attend Nannestad High School and it is very funny. This blog is mainly about anorexia and people that have been struggling with anorexia earlier. On my blog I am going to answer this question: “what causes anorexia?”.  I find this theme very interesting because many people get anorexia when they are teenagers.

The pressure for having a good looking body has increased a lot through out the last couple of years, and maybe this can be a factor for more people getting anorexia today. You never see a fat bikini model and more people exercise these days. I want to get a great answer on the question and also make this blog interesting. To achieve these two things, I am going to use internet, have an interview with someone that has been anorexic earlier and maybe create or show a video. I hope you would like to follow me on this blog. – Thea